Fall Looks

I feel like I say this every post, but I haven’t posted in so long! I have a lot of things to post but I am so busy with school and work that I rarely have time to get around to blogging. So in this post I’m just going to show a few outfits I’ve worn to school this fall so far!

Outfit #1



Sweater: H&M

Tank: Express

Earrings: Pac Sun

Bracelet: Pandora

Worn with jeans & grey boots








Outfit #2



Shirt: Forever 21 (one of my favorites!)

Jeans: Express

Boots: Kmart (they have cute shoes!)

Necklace: Charming Charlies

Earrings: Forever 21

I’ve also worn this outfit with short tan booties and tall dark brown boots.









Outfit #3



Sweater: American Eagle

Tank: Old Navy

Pants: Kohls

Boots: Payless

Bracelets: Express






Let me know which outfit is your favorite! Next post will be my October clothing haul so stay tuned 🙂






Black & White

This is just a random post to show a couple of my new outfits. Both include items that I showed in my fashion haul post.

Outfit #1

IMG_5173I really like this outfit because, especially with the coat on, I feel pretty cool looking like a Kardashian or something with all my black. Just kidding. But they do wear a lot of black. Anyway, this is the sweatshirt that I got at Forever 21. It looks almost like a sweater and with the necklace it’s pretty dressed up but it’s actually so comfortable. I was excited to find this because all my sweatshirts now are pretty much sports sweatshirts. Also, love my coat. You can tell more in this picture that it’s a little longer. The necklace is my sisters from Express which I don’t know if I love with this outfit just because it kind of blends in.

Full length view with coat on.                    Full length view with coat off.










Outfit #2

IMG_5203 This was an outfit I just threw together really quick one morning before class. I wore my coat with it most of the day just because it was pretty chilly but it looked cute with it. I actually don’t like this necklace with this outfit either and really hate the necklace all together but the shirt really needed a necklace with it and this is the only piece of black jewelry I own.




Just a different angle of the outfit. You can probably see the sketches on the shirt I was talking about a lot clearer in these pictures! Pretty neat, huh?!




So even though the necklaces were a fail with these outfits, I still really like them! Any suggestions on what necklaces would go better with them?

Blair Waldorf Moment

For those of you who don’t know, I’m obsessed with Blair Waldorf. Though I hate all of her outfits in the whole first season, her style progressively gets better which is probably some sort of symbolism. But this post isn’t an analysis of Gossip Girl even though I wish it was because wow, that show.. okay moving on. I’m part of a club at my college called Fashion Association of Merchandising and Design (FAMD) and we recently had a Black and White Potluck where we could only where black or white.
IMG_5194 Not trying to toot my own horn for putting this together but I’m obsessed with this outfit and wish I could wear it every day. Especially since I feel just like Blair Waldorf in it. I got my dress from American Eagle a couple of years ago but I still love it because it’s very slimming and flattering. My tights are what make me feel like Blair because not only does she always wear tights but she actually has the same style (yes, that’s why I got them). You can’t see them very well in the picture and I couldn’t get a better one but they’re sheer black tights with a black floral print all over. My heels are the black heels that I’m always wearing, nothing new there. And shoutout to my roommate Emily who let me borrow this fabulous necklace she got at Target and the bracelets.

IMG_5186 Here is just a close up of what the jewelry looks like and you get a better view of the top of the dress. You can see how it’s tighter up top with a sweetheart neckline and has buttons down the front as well.



And for those of you who have been wondering this whole time who Blair Waldorf is, here’s a few pictures.














Ugh, swoon. So fab.

Clothing Haul

So this post is going to be different than all my other ones. Recently I’ve discovered Bethany Mota videos and she does haul videos where she just shows and talks about all the clothes she got shopping. I planned to do this awhile ago when I went shopping on my birthday (September 1st) but haven’t had time and then have been shopping throughout the month so no, I didn’t buy all of this in one trip!

I’ll start with my birthday shopping trip.


These next few items are from Forever 21 (I’ll say when I start a new store). All of these items are off clearance because everything was buy one get one free! You already know I was all over that.

This blue tank is actually a lot brighter than what the picture is showing. It’s just a plain blue tank with a short zipper in the back. I think it will be cute tucked into skirts.



On the left is a white tank top with studs on the shoulders that alternate between plain silver studs and clear studs. The front of the tank is a think sweatshirt material and the back is sheer.

The shirt on the right is one of my favorite t-shirts ever. I’m not sure if you can tell from this picture but those are all design sketches all over it which is really cool since I’m going into fashion. There’s a sheer black stripe down the back which I honestly wish isn’t there because I don’t really understand why it’s there.


This blue and white striped shirt is lose fitting and three quarter length. I’ve worn this top already and wore it with black jeans and boots and a gold necklace.




I love this shirt so much and you’ll see it outfitted in a later post (I actually wore it today). I’ve already worn it twice and the first time I wore it with a gold necklace and ankle booties. It’s super loose and really comfortable but at the same time it’s still really cute.



This is the last item I got from Forever 21 on my birthday. It’s a champagne colored sequined skirt. What I like a lot about this skirt is that it’s not super short like a lot of their skirts and dresses tend to be. I haven’t worn it yet but I think I can make it dressy or casual!


I got all of this stuff from Forever 21 for $38! Three cheers for clearance 🙂


IMG_0063 I got these shoes at Maurice’s and are probably one of the best deals I’ve ever gotten on anything, anywhere, ever. Yeah it’s that good. Guess how much. Okay I’ll tell you. The boots…drum roll please… $7! I wish you could put numbers in capitals. And the wedges? $4! I know, insane. So happy with these purchases.

These next two items are also from Forever 21 on a different trip.

IMG_0054 This is my fall coat that I got. I went to the mall in search of a fall coat for under $30. Do you think I did it? Obviously. But I was even happier with my find than I thought I’d be because I found this one on clearance and it was an extra 30% off bringing it to a grand total of $16. Yeah, I don’t know how I do it either.





I also picked up this sweatshirt while I was there because I thought it was really cute and comfortable. I’ve worn in twice now and it’s super easy to just roll out of bed, throw it on and still have on a cute outfit and be comfortable. I also got this one on clearance for $10.


These next couple items are from a recent shopping trip when I was in need of a little retail therapy.

IMG_0056 This blazer is from Forever 21 and I was super excited about this find because it fits really good and I got it for only $20 and most of their blazers are $30 or more so I couldn’t turn this one down.




This is another great find and I’m still kicking myself for not buying another color because it was only $8.90! But I loved this color because I thought it was different and don’t have anything like it. (Forever 21)





I just picked up this necklace because it was only $4.80 and I don’t have a lot of pearls but have a lot that it’ll go with. (Forever 21)






IMG_0053 I picked these tanks up from Express. I’ve worn the one on the left already and I’ll be showing the outfit in a later post but I’m saving the one on the right for a special occasion and plan to wear it with the sweater and necklace from above!



So that’s my September fashion haul. What did everyone think of this post? I won’t usually format it like this, I’d rather do it by store but this time I just decided to format it by the separate trips. Let me know what your favorite item is that I bought! Also give me any suggestions you have on how to display everything better!


Patterns + Statement Necklaces

Here’s a small collection of outfits from throughout the summer. I’d call them casual but I’m pretty sure I wore them all to work so they’re not overly casual. Just cute and good to hang out in as well. And you know I love a good statement necklace 😉


I wore this outfit on a day it decided to be Fall during the Summer. The shirt has these little dot/paisley things on it (no idea what they are or what color they are). I don’t know why but I really wanted to wear this teal necklace with it and when I put the orange/red necklace and perfectly matching bracelets with it I decided it actually looked pretty cute and had a slight bohemian feel to it. Sometimes you just have to start putting an outfit together and hope it turns out.




This outfit I’ve already worn before and I loved it as much as I did the first time. When I bought this shirt it was for the sole purpose of matching the necklace which is crazy but hey it’s a really cute necklace. I love how the shirt bunches on the side and then has a dramatically asymmetrical hemline. When I first saw it I wasn’t so sure but I tried it since it matched the necklace and I’m so glad I did!




I felt pretty cool wearing this outfit because my shirt, jeans, shoes and bracelets are all from Express. But the still-cute necklace is an outsider from Forever 21. I don’t ever wear this shirt mostly because I didn’t know where to wear a fully sequined shirt but I think the necklace helped break up the pattern.


– You all know I love statement necklaces. What is your favorite part of an outfit?


Just a quick post tonight because I haven’t posted in forever and need to get back into it! A little bit of an update on me: I just started my sophomore year of college (I’m majoring in apparel merchandising at CMU), I turned 19 yesterday, and I also have an apartment this year (so exciting!).

This outfit is something I wore awhile ago. The sweatshirt is my sisters and I’d never worn it before but really liked it (still working on stealing it). I wore this outfit to work (at Justice) and I wore it with shorts because wow does it get hot. This outfit was really cute and a good mix of dressed up and casual for working at Justice. Had been paired with something else besides shorts I would’ve called it a dressy outfit because the back of the sweatshirt has two drapes of a chiffon material and the pearls are a really nice touch and the pink sweatshirt brought out the pinks in the pearls and made it very cute and girly.
Sweatshirt: American Eagle

Necklace: Kohl’s

Bracelets: Express

And even though you can’t really see my shorts they’re from New York and Company and are my favorite shorts ever.


Sometime this week I’m hoping to get a post up of the great deals I got shopping yesterday! Stay tuned 🙂

Dressed Up Denim

I love the look of denim shirt buttoned all the way up and with short statement necklace around the collar. It really dresses up a casual shirt and makes for a fashionable and classy look. I also would wear black jeans with this in the fall or winter but since it’s summer I wore a black skater skirt.










Shirt: Don’t judge me, Justice. It was only $10. You don’t say no to that.

Skirt: JC Penny. I didn’t buy it. It just kind of showed up.


Necklace: Charlotte Russe. My grandma bought it for my sister. Good pick, grams.


Heels: Target. Side note- I NEED MORE HEELS

IMG_4992 This is one of my favorite outfits because it has many of my favorite elements I like in an outfit. First, is the jewelry. I love when I get jewelry right with an outfit and I’m really glad I went with gold instead of the pink and black one I was going to wear because I think this one makes the outfit a lot cleaner and classic looking. Also, I love statement necklaces (if you haven’t gotten that yet). I also loves skirts and any chances I have to tuck a shirt in. This doesn’t happen everyday. And lastly, I got to wear my black heels, which also doesn’t happen everyday. Though I’ll admit I was in flip flops by the end of the day.

What are some things that make your favorite outfit?

Five Second Favorites

The title of this post gets its name from me giving myself a very short amount of time in the mornings to get ready. I sleep in until the last possible second that I can and end up having to throw an outfit together rather quickly. Sometimes I end up hating myself the rest of the day and can’t wait to go home and change but sometime I love the end result and love it even more because of the fact that it took “five seconds” to put together. Yes, I impress myself.

IMG_4902 This outfit was very last second because I was laying in bed thinking through an outfit I could wear, only to wake up and the skirt I wanted was no where to be found.

Shirt: JC Penny (Mom’s closet.. I believe she found this one for $3.)

Skirt: American Eagle. I bought it during the winter time so it had not even crossed my mind to wear it now but hey, I think it works.

Shoes: My favorite wedges found in most of my posts (Still from Kohl’s).

Had no time for jewelry for this outfit.

IMG_4887 I loved this outfit I really did. I couldn’t stop looking at it all day (pats self on back). The dress alone is so beautiful and I don’t know why I haven’t worn it in so long. The bracelet, necklace and earrings I wore were all neutral pearls so all the tones matched perfect and I felt like a vintage ballerina slash Taylor Swift (Also, my hair was in a top knot so maybe a little bit more like a ballerina).

Dress: American Eagle

Belt: American Eagle:

Shoes: American Eagle

Jewelry:.. not American Eagle. Forever 21, Kohl’s and Express.


I really loved this outfit too because it was simple but still different and very comfortable for work. I had more time this day to put an outfit together but this outfit probably literally took five seconds to decide on. When ya know, ya know.

Shirt: American Eagle

Pants: Express

Shoes: Lacoste

Necklace: Claire’s


Though only having a short amount of time to get dressed is stressful, sometimes it works out even better than planned! What do you wear when you have “five seconds” to get dressed?

Pretty in Pink

Can you guess my favorite color? Yep, PINK! Check out a few of my favorite dresses in my favorite color.

This is the dress I wore for my open house and I get so many compliments on it! I love the length because lately it’s hard to find dresses that aren’t too short.

Dress: Forever 21

Sandals: Old Navy




I got this dress when I was in Paris a couple of summers ago. It’s such a pretty color and the beading on it is beautiful The waist line on it is a little weird so I put a silver belt on to cover it up.

Dress: Bershka

Sandals: American Eagle

Belt: American Eagle

Also wearing my Pandora bracelet.



I wore this dress on a lunch date because it’s cute, flirty and flowy. The belt went perfect with it because it breaks up the floral pattern. I actually bought this dress to go with my brown Dr. Martens but didn’t have a chance to wear it during boot-weather .

Dress: Forever 21

Belt: Goodwill

Sandals: Target




Miley’s outfit in this picture (took me forever to find it!) was my inspiration to wear a floral dress with combat boots. A lot of her pre-haircut/new-self outfits are a good representation of my own style!

Cropped Pants and Wedges

One of my favorite things to pair wedges with are cropped pants. It’s hard to find the right pants to pair with wedges and sometimes skirts or dresses are just too short and when a lot of my foot and leg is showing I feel too exposed. So, cropped pants are the perfect match for them because my legs are covered while my shoes are shown off.



Lace shirt: Forever 21

Tank top: Sister’s Drawer (American Eagle)

Jeans: Express

Wedges: Kohl’s

I got so many compliments on my lace shirt!




I loved this outfit even though my feet were filling me at the end of the day!

Shirt: Mom’s Closest (Really no clue where it’s from)

Black Jeans: Pac Sun

Wedges: Express

Necklace: Charming Charlie’s (The necklace matched the green on the shirt to perfect! Loved that I was able to add another pop of color to all the black)




Tank: American Eagle

Jeans: Same Express jeans

Wedges: Kohl’s

Necklace: American Eagle

Also wearing my rose-gold Fossil watch

(please ignore the ill-placed tennis shoes next to me)